An Opposition is the only way to challenge the validity of a European Patent centrally and can result in the complete revocation of the patent in all designated states.

In this podcast episode, Dehns Partner and Oppositions expert Laura Ramsay takes a look at Oppositions and how the system works in Europe: 

  • What is an Opposition? 
  • What are the grounds for Opposition and what’s the procedure? 
  • When does an Opposition need to be filed?
  • What if someone files an Opposition against one of my granted patents? 
  • How long can the process take and how much might it cost?
  • How can a patent attorney help? 

All these questions, and more, are answered by Laura in less than 15 minutes - click on the image below to listen in.

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The information in this podcast is given as guidance. Legal advice should be sought for particular matters. Dehns accepts no responsibility for any action taken / not taken on the basis of this podcast.