Following Huawei's action to sue Samsung for allegedly infringing some of its smartphone technology patents a couple of months ago, it comes as no surprise that Samsung have now returned the favour, suing Huawei in China for allegedly infringing six of their patents through the manufacture and sale of a number of Huawei's smartphones.

Samsung are no stranger to high profile patent disputes, being embroiled in a long and expensive dispute with Apple. Huawei, on the other hand, are now the second largest manufacturer (to Samsung) of Android based smartphones, so they probably consider it an appropriate time to stand up for their intellectual property against their dominant rival.

It will be interesting to follow this dispute to see how it develops. My feeling is that it will not end soon, it will spread to other countries (particularly as Huawei look to expand their market outside of China) and will involve more patents before the stakes become high enough for Samsung and Huawei to settle.